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RGB Neon Flex
RGB Neon Flex
RGB Neon Flex

RGB Neon Flex

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  • RGB full colour LED Neon Flex
  • Mini 11 x 19mm 24VDC
  • Super Mini 8 x 15mm 12VDC

The cutting unit for the 11*19mm is 500mm (0.5 metres) and the cutting unit for the 8*15mm is 43mm (4.3 cm).

The Super Mini product is ideal for RGB Sign making with a silicone outer and very small cutting lengths, whilst the Mini (11*19mm) product is ideal for larger RGB signage and longer RGB runs.

24v 11*19mm RGB accessories can be found here and power supplies for Neon Flex/Led Strip can be found here

The 12v product does not come with preset accessories, although we can supply 12v Power Supplies. The 12v product requires soldering and uses 4 core wires to power, whilst the 24v product uses the available accessories.

Profile RGB Profile RGB Profile
LED's Per Metre 60 78 (5050 type LED)
Power Consumption 24VDC 12-14 watts per metre 12VDC 8-12 watts per metre
Size (mm) 11 x 19 mm 8 x 15 mm
Cutting Unit  24VDC  500 mm 12VDC 43 mm
Lumens per/m See individual colours
See individual colours
Remote/Dimmable Yes Yes
Max Run Length 24VDC 20 metres 12v 10 metres
Price Per/M £14.80 + VAT £15.70 + VAT




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