Mini Pixel Neon Flex (5 metre run)

Mini Pixel Neon Flex (5 metre run)

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  • Pixel RGB full colour LED Neon Flex
  • 12V
  • 8*16M
  • Silicone Pixel neon flex,
  • IC2818 5050 lamp beads,
  • 72lamp beads per meter
  • 4 CM cut unit
  • 15W per meter
  • Mini LED controller built in
  • 5 metres per roll

Pixel Neon Flex gives limitless options to the amount of chasing/flashing/stacking/colour merging RGB sequences & with individually addressabe LED's you can either use the simple integrated colours, which includes a plethora of modes, or use your own DMX control to set up your own lighting sequences.

The cutting unit for our 8*16mm is 40mm, making this product very versatile.

This Pixel Neon Flex is ideal for Pixel RGB Sign making with a silicone outer and very small cutting lengths.

The 12v product does not come with preset accessories, although we can supply 12v Power Supplies. The 12v product requires soldering and uses 4 core wires to power, whilst the 24v product uses the available accessories