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Collection: ClearBright Film

Transform any window with a projectable, transparent overlay.
Available in a wide variety of sizes. Can be cut to your needs.

Small: £378 (£21/square foot)
Medium: £756 (£21/square foot)
Large: £2250 (£15/square foot)

This product (in combination with a projector) gives the convenience of flexible signage or content displayed in your premises or office window.

Introducing ClearBright
ClearBright™ transparent display film turns any clear surface into a high-resolution display while maintaining its transparency. Incorporating state of the art  nanotechnology developed at MIT,
the ClearBright™ polymer film is easily applied to glass and compatible with any off-the-shelf projector, these flexible films offer full color, high brightness and contrast, and a 360° viewing angle.

Target Applications
➤Conference Rooms
➤Customer Exp. Centers
➤Business Offices
➤Visitor Welcome Centers
➤Board Rooms
➤Hybrid Retail
➤Briefing Centers
➤Transit Centers
➤Training Centers
➤Demo Centers
➤Out of Home Marketing
➤Multimedia Centers
➤Live Events
Room Size
➤Small Rooms, 5 people (1000 - 2000 lumens projector)
➤Large Rooms, 10+ people (3500+ lumens projector)
Application Methods
: Use on existing windows or to create large screens with multiple panels
of ClearBright. Excess liquid evaporates out in about 3 days and continues to
improve over time.
. Any commercial sign installer will be familiar with this method or do it yourself.
: For use on clear substrates that can be passed through a cold lamination
machine to create a see-through screen. This service is available through
most custom sign and graphics shops. Thinner substrates display slightly better
optical properties. We commonly use clear acrylic 1/16 to 1/4 inch thick
depending on application.
●Commercial Glass Lamination
: Use as an interlayer in multi-layer
commercial glass. Layering in high quality glass displays the best optical
properties and highest level of durability. 
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