Double sided Silicone Mini Pro Neon Flex (24v)

Double sided Silicone Mini Pro Neon Flex (24v)

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This product requires soldering using a 2 core wire and is not compatible with our PVC Mini Pro accessories, 

Silicone Mini Pro (8*16mm) accessories can be found here and 24v power supplies for Neon Flex/Led Strip can be found here.

Silicone Mini Pro/Ultra Mini Pro Neon Flex is 24v, with dimensions of 8*16mm. This product can be cut every 50mm and has a minimum working length of 50mm. This is ideal for creating intricate sign design, set design and exhibition pieces. Silicone Neon Flex has the advantage of having virtually no bend radius limit which is ideal for intricate design and lettering, as well as other tight angles.


We supply  Mini Neon Flex with this product for In-Store Lighting Design
Silicone Neon Flex advantages

Due to the complexity of traditional glass and neon technology, high production cost and inconvenient transportation and installation, the emergence of LED technology has completely changed the material and production process of neon lamps.

Silica gel has many advantages: It's environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, high and low temperature suitable, anti-acid and alkali, won't yellow in sunlight, soft, extremely flexible, long-lasting with excellent transmittance.

1) Excellent weather resistance: 

It can be used in – 50 ℃ to 150 ℃ for a long-term project without embrittlement, deformation, softening or aging

2) Prominent Anti-UV ability

It can to be exposed to strong sunlight for over 5 years without yellowing and aging, retaining the colour of the silicone outer

3) Strong corrosion resistance:

It resists the corrosion from acids, alkalis and salt. It can be used in highly corrosive environments e.g. near the sea, chemical plants, Petrol stations and Marine facilities

4) High transmittance:

90% high transmittance of the silica gel reduces the optical loss of neon light.

5) Unique plasticity:

As its material is solid silica gel, which can be formed into various shapes and internal structures by mold.

6) Good thermal conductivity:

Silicon neon thermal conductivity is 0.27w /MK, while the thermal conductivity of PVC is 0.14w /MK.