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Digital Display Systems UK Ltd | About Us

 is an independent company operating in the United Kingdom and Europe. We sell a range of LED products from LED Lighting, Neon Flex and LED flexible display systems to many different industries within the UK and Europe. We are a family business and always aim to provide first class customer service as well as excellent value for money.
Company Registration Number 05554776. VAT Number 871462711.

Experience | We have been importing LED products for over 15 years and therefore have much more experience of LEDs than most UK companies. Our LED lighting experience dates back to 2008 (over 11 years) when we first commissioned our OEM Factories to produce replacement LED Fluorescent tubes for us, since then we have introduced many different LED lighting products.

LED Neon Flex | We now have in stock over 2000 metres of LED Neon Flex. We can also offer a great deal of expertise and/or advice for any project involving LED Neon Flex (at no additional cost.)

LED Ceiling Panels | Our range of Smart RGBWW and Colour Temperature Adjustable/Dimmable LED Ceiling Panels focuses on high-quality products which we believe are best placed for the UK market. We also have access to a wide range of other Panels which we can supply.