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LED Neon Flex is available in four different shapes and two voltages: SMD 24VDC and 240VAC Standard, Mini in 24DC, 360 degree in 24VDC and 240VAC, RGB and Mini Pro. All are available as either 24VDC or 240VAC. Unlike LED strip or rope light, Neon Flex has a smooth even light output. As the name implies it is flexible and can be used in many different applications. 


Neon Flex is relatively easy to install and is best installed on site.  We recommend that you take a look at the installation guide before you purchase your Neon Flex or YouTube where you will find numerous examples of installations. There is also a downloadable guide to show you how to repair or make the joins waterproof here. You can also download other useful guides from our PDF download page here.

You can purchase all the neon options below; in any one of the 4 shapes or two voltages. All accessories for standard size are available here; Mini and MiniPro here, 360 degree here; Power supplies can be found here. We stock between 2000-300 metres so most times your order will be shipped within 24 hours.

For a basic order of 1 length of 24v Neon Flex you will also need to order 1 Pin Connector, 1 Front Connector, 1 End Cap and 2 lengths of Heat Shrink. This would then be powered by a power supply (if 24v). You may also want to consider ordering channel or mounting clips to attach the Neon Flex to the surface you are using the Neon Flex on. 240v Neon Flex does not require a power supply as it is mains powered.

A more intricate design may require Pin Extension connectors, these allow you to join different lengths of 24v Neon Flex. A more intricate design will require more end caps and heat shrink, we can help you to discuss what you may need to order. 


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