Clearbright Display Film
Clearbright Display Film
Clearbright Display Film
Clearbright Display Film
Clearbright Display Film
Clearbright Display Film

Clearbright Display Film

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It’s easy to turn any window into a transparent projection display 

Clearbright display flm is available in 3 sizes. Small (3ft x 6ft) covering small windows up to 3x6ft,  Medium (3ft x 12ft) covering windows upto 6x6ft and large (3 x 50ft) covering large or multiple windows.

Developed by a group of MIT professors and students who aim to bring laboratory innovations to the real-world. After many years of R&D, we’re proud to reveal ClearBright™ transparent display film.

Lux Labs ClearBright™ is the world’s leading passive transparent display. Invented at MIT by world leading nano physicists ClearBright™ film is highly transparent and when working with a projector, the film shows dynamic, full-color and high-definition images and videos. With Lux Labs ClearBright™, you can turn any window into a bright, transparent display screen.

Product features include:

  • Full-color display

  • 360° viewing angle with constant brightness

  • Full transparency and high-brightness

  • Limited haze with no tint

  • >90% transparency

  • Works with any projector as the light-source

  • Flexible film can be applied to existing windows or laminated within new windows to make a transparent display

  • Assembled transparent displays screens also available


  1. Purchase and install ClearBright™: Enough to cover a full window panel

  2. Set-up projector: Works with any type at any angle

  3. Project content: Turn it on and watch the magic happen

Measure Your Space

For our ClearBright™ Film Product, we recommend ordering a few extra inches so the film can be trimmed exactly to the window edge on installation. Our film is 36 inches wide and can be placed side-by-side to cover larger windows. 

Apply ClearBright™

Wet Application: Applying large adhesives to existing windows need to be applied wet. Use our network of professional installers or do it yourself by following these directions and this video demonstration.

Dry Application: Looking for a stand alone screen? ClearBright™ can be dry laminated to any clear substrate. We offer finished screens or buy film and use your own substrate (glass, acrylic) and a cold laminator to do it yourself.

Set-up a Projector

Our ClearBright™ products work with any projector! Installation of your projector is easy to do yourself, however we recommend hiring a professional AV integrator or projector installer for complex commercial projects.

Projector Type

If you have space constraints, but still want a large image then consider a short throw projector. Here’s our list of recommended projectors and important features.


It is recommended to mount the projector at a steep angle. The ceiling is a common spot or find an out-of-the-way area on the floor.


Projector brightness is measured in lumens. The more lumens, the brighter your image will be. The smaller your image or the darker the setting, the less lumens you need. We recommend 1500 lumens if you’re only projecting in dark settings, 3200+ lumens in bright, indoor settings, and 4500+ lumens If projecting on a store window during sunny daylight hours. 

Projection Content Tips

You can easily create content to project by using presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote. The key is to have your “blank space” be black which will appear on the window as transparent. 

Talk to us about who can fit this product for you.