Z8 77CM 3D Holographic Fan (Waterproof housing included)

Z8 77CM 3D Holographic Fan (Waterproof housing included)

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The Z8 Holographic fan utilises an SD card, Cloud-Based application or Smart WIFI mobile app to generate an image or video-based hologram. This model is mains powered. It has very large 77cm length LED fan blades and is housed in a waterproof covering. The Z8 can be operated via a WIFI mobile app or cloud based application, making this Smart Fan easy to use. This product is also equipped with a Timer Switch meaning it can be automated to display without manual setup, Bluetooth Audio support, and is angle adjustable.


1、Waterproof Cover
2、Resolution:960*1600 LED Qty :960pcs
3、Product size:770x770x70mm
4、Spinning speed::700 round/min
5、Wattage :70W
6、Content upload: SD Card (16GB).WIFI ,APP,iCloud,Web
7、Content format :mp4, avi, 3gp, rmvb, jpg,
8、display diameter: 77cm
9、adapter: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

10、Timer switch, Bluetooth Audio Support, AppOn/Off, Angle adjustable

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